As Seen in Vogue Magazine

Vogue Magazine, long known for its sleek style and fashion-forward take on streetwear and accessories has been touted as the arbiter of all things stylish and worth having in the world of fashion.

This month, British Vogue will feature our Raw Amazonite Gemstone Prong Earrings, the perfect accessory for the spring season, as we attempt to spring clean, both our physical and emotional bodies. Amazonite empowers us to set appropriate boundaries, both inwardly in terms of self-discipline, and with others, in terms of establishing healthy relationships.

While some consider Vogue to be an oversized journal, a blend of art book and newspaper, bringing consummate fashion judgment to all things style-related, we know so many also look to it, not just for today's trends, but rather the gorgeous settings, smart captions, and cutting edge styles across the globe. You can imagine when a gold standard publication selects some of your crystal jewelry and home decor to be a "Vogue Top Pick," of course you want to share the news.

For those of you looking to order this item, please note the following UK shipping regulations:

Due to the VAT tax under Brexit regulations we will only be able to ship orders over 135£. Orders under 135£ cannot be processed and will be refunded.