Smudge Guide 101: Our RItual How-To

The sacred art of Smudging is a ritualistic tool used by many ancient cultures worldwide. 

Incense burning dates back as far as the ancient Egyptians, and was a prized luxury in both Ancient Greece and Rome. Incense and candles remain highly scared totems in the Catholic and Buddhist traditions, originating in Western Europe and East Asia, respectively.


The use of a Smudge, made from sacred, dried herbs, spans across not only Native American cultures, but through Native African traditions, Native Caribbean and Afro-Caribbean ritual, various Latin American cultures, and many more. Smudging with both smoke and fire has long been a method of purification known as "saining" practiced among the ancient Celts and the contemporary folk traditions of Scotland and Ireland.

In addition to various species of Sage and Palo Santo, smudge sticks are also traditionally made with rosemary, lavender, cedar, tobacco, yarrow, and sweetgrass.


Smudging is notably used as a method to purify, cleanse, or consecrate a space or object. A Smudge ceremony represents the four elements. Fire is expressed in the burning of the smudge, which is itself representative of the Earth. Air is honored in the wafting of the fire, along with the smoke smoke itself, and water extinguishes the fire and smoke, either physically present or metaphorically recognized.

How to Use Our Smudge Stick:

  • It is ideal to smudge at the onset of any ritual.
  • Begin by setting an intention for the ritual.
  • Light the tip of the Smudge with an open flame.
  • Let the flame burn for 30-60 seconds.
  • Blow out the flame.
  • Begin at the front door of the home. Move in a clockwise direction through the space while wafting the smoke.
  • Be careful not to skip the corners of rooms, as this is where latent negative energy often hides.
  • When finished, extinguish the Smudge by pressing it gently into a bowl of sand or another fireproof extinguishing surface. Our Abalone Shell serves as an excellent vessel.
  • For best results, smudge once to twice a week, or whenever unpure energy resonates.


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