The Secret Powers of Euphoralite

A relatively new find, Euphoralite is an incredibly high-vibrational stone. This gem has heightened negative ion activity, and as such, it's healing properties are all the more potent. Just being in the presence of Euphoralite can lift the spirits and open us up to higher vibrations, helping us to find our centers and operate as the best versions of ourselves. This is an incredible healing crystal for grounding and relaxing, and also serves as an instrument of manifestation when we allow it to work its wonders.


Euphoralite also heightens our senses, allowing for improved communication and mental acuity that pave the way for self-improvement, transcendence, and enlightenment.

Euphoralite is a collection of extremely high vibration crystals that have been scientifically proven to emit very high levels of negative ionic activity, which balance and prevent damage to our cells, and increase levels of serotonin, alleviating depression and stress while boosting energy reserves.

Euphoralite's ability to simultaneously ground, relax, and energize, makes this stone so magical. Though it is a relatively new find, it already has amassed a loyal following for its incredible abilities.


A mystical blend of dark purple Lepidolite, Albite, and shimmering Mica, Storm Euphoralite is a stone that embodies a sense of magic and wonder. It inspires the imagination, slowing down the external forces of the world, that our inner minds may take control and blossom like night-blooming jasmine. As with all forms of Euphoralite, this rare stone captures our hearts for its negative ion activity. These ions put our minds at ease, lulling us into a deep relaxation that we may refresh ourselves and begin anew.

Formerly known as Bubblegum, Bliss Euphoralite is a lovely lilac mix of Lepidolite, Feldspar, and Quartz crystals. This jovial medley creates a soft, light-as-air effect that serves to settle the mind an bring a smile to the face. This blend of Euphoralite is excellent for restoring a sense of wellbeing to our lives, as it helps us to relax enough that we might access our Higher Selves. Bliss Euphoralite is also thought to help connect with the Higher Dimensions, that we may solve the mysteries that perplex us in this life and continuously evolve into our highest sales.

Ascension Euphoralite is a glorious combination of Gold & Silver, Mica, Albite, Loellingite, and a variety of Tourmalines. It is a transcendent crystal that helps us to rise above the mundane and commune with the Higher Realms. Not only is it a crystal of deep relaxation and tranquility, but it is a crystal that helps shed light on our True Purpose.

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