Emerald in Matrix is an opaque, green stone that opens our hearts to luck, prosperity, and abundance of all sorts. It is a Heart Chakra stone that not only helps us to love ourselves but blesses our relationships with warmth and tenderness. In couples, families, or groups of friends, emerald in matrix is known to strengthen bonds and aid in loving, effective communication, helping us avoid miscommunications and misunderstandings. This deep green gem aids in mental clarity and acuity, and it helps us see the truth as we navigate through times of uncertainty. Emeralds are often believed to bring prosperity and abundance to those of us who use it by strengthening our resolve to follow our dreams and providing the logic and willpower to manifest our goals into reality. 

In ancient times, emerald was thought to have incredible healing powers that included that ability to act as an antidote to poison. To this day, it is associated with the Green Ray, and is thought to heal the heart, spine, liver and lungs.