"The Adventurer" - Kid's Crystal Treasure Chest


What child (or child at heart) doesn't love stones and crystals? We've carefully curated this very special keepsake treasure chest with non-toxic crystals for "The Adventurer," those explorers who aren't content to sit still when there is a world to discover and create. We've included crystals to encourage their natural tendencies to romp, play, and imagine, while also keeping them grounded and safe.

At Sage Crystals, we hand-select each item to ensure that our gemstones are of the highest grade and quality. Every set is lovingly curated, Reiki activated, and hand-packed, making this the perfect gift for your little ones or even yourself.

This set includes: 

  • Green Aventurine Tumble
  • Yellow Jasper Tumble 
  • Bloodstone Tumble
  • Red Jasper Tumble
  • Clear Quartz Tumble
  • Botswana Agate Tumble
  • Deluxe set includes carved Carnelian Fox

Note: Each crystal is beautiful and unique, and as such, may vary in appearance. Wooden chest is made from natural wood and may vary in color.


Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine enhances our optimism and zest for life, helping us move forward with confidence and curiosity. It boosts our creativity and motivation, encouraging us to keep going when things seem tough. It helps us make decisions and figure out answers with humor and open-mindedness. Green Aventurine is also a very lucky stone, helping us in competitions while keeping us grounded.

Yellow Jasper

Like the sun, Yellow Jasper carries the energy of happiness, enthusiasm, and positivity. It helps build friendships and can cheer us up when we are feeling stressed, anxious, or sad. Yellow Jasper is steadying and can help us connect to the Earth and all its wildlife.

Bloodstone Jasper

Bloodstone is an energizing Jasper that brings in courage and vitality that stimulates the flow of energy from the Root Chakra and makes us want to move, run, dance, or explore, while also keeping us safe and protected. It boosts our creativity and activates our imagination. Bloodstone helps keep us healthy, reduces aggressiveness and impatience, and also reminds us to share.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is known as the Stone of Endurance, a gentle stimulator of energy, bringing physical strength, stamina, focus, and determination. It's steady frequency grounds stabilizes emotions, keeps us healthy, helps us set goals and finish them, gives us the courage to do the right thing or face what may frighten us.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz holds and amplifies whatever energy or intent is programmed into it. Hold it in your hand and tell it what you wish, and Clear Quartz will help it come true!  


Agate has a lower intensity and vibrates to a slower frequency than other stones, but is highly regarded as a stabilizing and strengthening influence, making it perfect for growing children. Soothing and calming, Agate helps us feel safe while balancing the emotional, physical, and intellectual energy with us all.

Carnelian (Deluxe Version Only)

Carnelian is traditionally used to enhance vitality and creativity. A Sacral and Root Chakra crystal, it's a stone of ambition, curiosity, creation, drive, and determination. This healing stone's high energy keeps us motivated to achieve goals and see adventures through to the end.


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