Angelite Pebbles


Perfect for crystal grids or as pocket-sized talismans, these Peruvian Angelite Pebbles are sweet talismans to open the crown chakra and connect us with our guardian angels. 

At Sage Crystals, we hand-select every item to ensure that our gemstones are of the highest grade and quality. Every piece that passes through our hands is charged to the brim with healing Reiki Energy.

Each Angelite Pebbles is naturally formed and, as such, each varies slightly in shape and color. 

*Crystal pebbles differ from tumbles as they are individually shaped, hand-polished, and tend to be larger.



This lovely blue stone emits a calm and soothing vibration that relieves tension, anger, and stress. Meditating with an Angelite Tumble can put minds to rest and help us achieve deep, peaceful sleep sweetened by inspired dreams. Formed from Celestite that has been compressed over millions of years, Angelite can help us connect with the angelic realm and guardian angels.


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