High Grade Aquamarine Mini Cubes

Perfectly sized for Crystal Gridding, or to carry with you wherever you go, these beautiful high-grade Aquamarine Mini Cubes support our ability to align with our truth, fully express ourselves, and brave the watery depths of our heart.

Note: Each Aquamarine mini cube is intuitively chosen, and ranges in size from 10mm to 13mm. Each is natural and beautifully unique, and as such varies in color. 



Aquamarine is a crystal of courage and self expression that asks us to brave the stormy seas of our hearts to express our innermost truth and live fully as we were meant to be. It gently yet firmly brings our emotional patterns to the surface to be witnessed and integrated, so we may move with the current. It reminds us that sensitivity and feelings are not weak, but are actually a source of strength. It takes being fearless to plunge the depths of our emotions, but once we do, there are no limits to how far we may venture.


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