Birds Eye Rhyolite

Found only in one locale in Mexico (Cases Grandes, Chihuahua Mountains), Birds Eye Jasper is a variety of Rhyolite and represents change, variety, and progress. It sparks our creativity, urges us to move forward, make things happen, filling us with the desire to see our goals and projects through to completion. It’s a stone of resolution and allowing the unresolved in our lives to do so.


Bird’s eye rhyolite teaches us how to recognize and activate our deepest potential as Divine Beings, both physically and spiritually. It is an excellent stone for those who seek actualization and self-realization. When you meditate with Bird’s Eye rhyolite, you align with your Higher Self, giving us a bird’s eye view, so to speak. This stone helps us listen and interpret the messages we receive without our third-dimensional prejudices or biases that often confuse us. Clarity, introspection, and wisdom are the gifts of this stone and facilitates shamanic journeying and dream recall.


Rhyolite itself is a stone of protection, regeneration, and general healing. It is also an excellent stone for meditation with an emphasis on the highest truth. Birds Eye Jasper balances the Yin/Yang - masculine and feminine energies, and like all jaspers are known as a nurturing crystal. It sustains and supports during times of stress, and brings tranquility and wholeness.

Physically, Birds Eye Rhyolite supports the circulatory, digestive and sexual organs. It balances the mineral content of the body. It provides protection and grounds of energies and the body. It absorbs negative energy and cleanses and aligns the chakras and aura.


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