Guan Yu Jadeite Jade Carving


Loyalty and righteousness. 

Each and every gem from Sage Crystals is charged to the brim with loving Reiki Energy to encourage self-acceptance and emotional support, and increase your intuition, and cleansed with the sacred frequencies of antique Tibetan Singing Bowls. 

This carving measures 8.5"x5".


Jadeite Jade

Confucius has said that Jade, above all other stones, represented the Virtues that made a person truly good. In the Book of Rites, he wrote: 

"Anciently, superior men found the likeness of all excellent qualities in jade.

Soft smooth and glossy, it appeared to them like benevolence.

Fine, compact, and strong—like intelligence.

Angular, but not sharp and cutting—like righteousness.

Hanging down (in beads) as if it would fall to the ground like (the humility of) propriety.

When struck, yielding a note, clear and prolonged, yet terminating abruptly—like music.

Its flaws not concealing its beauty, nor its beauty concealing its flaws—like loyalty.

With an internal radiance issuing from it on every side—like good faith.

Bright as a brilliant rainbow—like heaven.

Exquisite and mysterious, appearing in the hills and streams—like the earth.

Standing out conspicuous in the symbols of rank—like virtue.

Esteemed by all under the sky—like the path of truth and duty."

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