Black Onyx Penguins


Nothing says the holidays like Crystal Penguins! Absolutely adorable, these sweet Onyx Penguins are sure to delight any recipient. Made of supportive and protective Black Onyx, these Penguins are ready to chase away nightmares and bring a smile to even the most cold-hearted.

Size Measurements:
Small Penguin: 2.5" Tall
Medium Penguin: 3.5" Tall
Large Penguin: 5.5" Tall

Note: Each Black Onyx Penguin is hand-carved from natural stone, and as such, may vary slightly in color.


Black Onyx

Utilized by ancient peoples all around the world, Black Onyx is a powerful stone of protection and self-empowerment. Opaque black that becomes glassy when polished, Black Onyx is supportive when we need emotional and physical endurance and fortitude, especially during times of confusion, sorrow, or stress.

Black Onyx transmutes negative energy, and acts as a shield. It's strengthening, and ultimately encourages us to create our own happiness.


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