Elestials are also known by the names Cathedral, Skeletal, and Jacare crystals. The Elestial crystal forms with a multitude of pyramidal and triangular terminations. These can look like stair steps (one right after the other), they can be literally on top of each other, or in random patterns over the crystal itself. The Elestial may have a series of unusual etchings, cavities, or geometric like patterns that make the crystal look hollow in areas, thus the name "skeletal" Quartz.

These are a stone for our times, as they aid attunement with the higher vibrations and open doorways to higher dimensions. They are used to assist in the mass cleansing, healing and reawakening that is currently facing us during this cosmic shift. 

These are powerful stones to use in meditation, as they are conduits to the celestial realms, helping to open stronger connections to the spirit world. They are known to open the crown chakra and then, in turn, open the soul star chakra, and provide a stronger connection to spirit and to the angelic realms. 

Above all these are powerful crystals of change. These high crystal energy stones will assist in healing on a deeper soul and karmic level. They are a powerful catalyst for change, working to dissolve deep karmic issues, at the level that is comfortable for your own spiritual growth.

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