Grey Moonstone

A Crown Chakra crystal, Moonstone has long been the stone of love and fertility, of intuition and magic, protection, and of hope and spiritual purity. Moonstone calms and encourages, teaching us the natural rhythms of life, opens the heart to empathy, and assists in the acceptance of love. 

Moonstone is said to increase one’s sensitivity to the Feminine Divine, to heighten intuition and open one up to their psychic gifts. It encourages hope and inspiration, allowing you to wish and aspire and flow in harmony with your dreams, and opens you to serendipity and synchronicity. Moonstone is also said to induce restful sleep, and aid in lucid dreaming.

It’s a stone of protection for women and children, especially pregnant women and babies. It has been used for centuries to enhance fertility, is also believed to support women’s reproductive health all around…. from easing menstrual problems, soothing fluctuating hormones, to assisting a woman in childbirth. Considered a “stone of the goddess” by some, the moonstone is associated with the moon and the tides, femininity and the subconscious. It helps sync up the rhythms of lunar energy to the rhythms of a woman’s body. Moonstone helps men become more in-tune with the feminine aspects of their nature, and stimulates the right side of the brain, encouraging nonlinear thinking and emotional balance

Gray Moonstone is a stone of perceiving beyond the veil - useful to the clairvoyant and shaman, and in moving one into unseen realms. It is called the "New Moon Stone" and carries the mysteries and powers of the new moon, where all things exist as potential. Gray moonstone has all of the properties of white moonstone, with extra focus on the mystical side of the stone’s attributes. Sometimes called the “New Moon Stone,” this is the go-to stone for psychics and shamans and other spiritual practitioners

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