Hornblende is a dark green to black igneous stone, that is both grounding and protective, while also being high vibrational in nature. It is especially effective when used in protection grids or for holding strong emotional boundaries. Due to the high vibrational nature of this crystal (rare in grounding and protection stones), it is well suited for protection rituals that involve new beginnings, or beginning again.

The use of horneblende during meditation often produces a state of delight and happiness; a state that is carried back to this reality, remaining within the self for a time.

Horneblende helps to insulate us from the abrasiveness of others. It further allows us to accept the processes of those around us, release judgment and be more tolerant. It can create a sense of ease at times of threat and of judgment. 

Hornblende opens the heart and mind to feelings of fairness, helping us to accept that we are all equal, sovereign beings.

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