Lodolite is a kind of included quartz that has different color and types of inclusions. It’s also known as Inclusion Quartz, Garden Quartz, and when polished, Shaman’s Quartz.

The inclusions on this stone usually consist of Chlorite, Feldspar, and other materials that give different colored inclusions. These inclusions can be cream, orange, green, or red in color, and they have a healing vibration that’s also magnified by the clear quartz. 

It’s known to offer a view into another world. Gazing into this stone is said to bring about a cosmic shift of consciousness. It harmonizes the higher vibrational energies of the aura, light body or subtle body. Lodolite is a very powerful journeying stone on all levels; cosmic, soul and personal, and through meditation they can help us journey within to find the source of physical ailments.

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