Mercury Retrograde Crystal Grid Set


Ward off the chaos and confusion of Mercury Retrograde with this soothing crystal grid, designed to bring peace and stability back into your life during times of turbulence. 

This set includes: 

  • 1 Gabbro Sphere
  • 4 Amazonite Drops  
  • 4 Smoky Quartz Hearts 
  • 4 Emerald in Matrix Tumbles 

Each crystal is naturally formed, and as such, each varies slightly in shape and color. This set comes with 13 crystals; the Agate Slice pictured is not included. 



One of the most interesting Indigo Gabbro uses is expanding knowledge and insight. It is believed that using an Indigo Gabbro stone attracts teachers, visitors or other clear messages into your dreams and meditations, making it an excellent stone for intuitive learning and connecting with higher consciousness.


Called the Stone of Truth and the Stone of Courage, Amazonite empowers us to search the self, discover our personal truths, express our authentic selves, and move beyond the fear of judgment. It calls on us to live in alignment with what makes us truly happy.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz lifts depression and fatigue, teaching one how to let go of what is no longer necessary for growth. It provides a strong shield against emotional or psychic attacks or strain, and environmental stress, and is a great general healing or meditation tool. A Root Chakra stone, Smoky Quartz is adept at grounding us back to the earth.

Emerald in Matrix

Emerald in Matrix opens our hearts to luck, prosperity, and abundance of all sorts. It is a Heart Chakra stone that not only helps us to love ourselves but blesses our relationships with warmth and tenderness. This deep green gem aids in mental clarity, and it helps us see the truth as we navigate through times of uncertainty. Emeralds are often believed to bring prosperity by strengthening our resolve to follow our dreams and providing the logic and willpower to manifest our goals into reality. 


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