Mosaic Chalcendony Quartz

Mosaic Chalcedony Quartz is a medley of potent crystals, typically Clear Quartz naturally fused with Chalcedony with include inclusions of Opal and Graphite.

Chalcedony is a potent purifier and healer, clearing our spaces and bringing the mind, body, and spirit back into alignment. A nurturing stone, it fills the home with a sense of peace and goodwill and even can help bring those in its environment into a more stable and harmonious balance. It’s perfect for bringing together family members or even creating a sense of camaraderie in the workplace. It’s a stone of connection and sister/brotherhood, absorbing negative energy and emotions like hostility, selfishness, sadness, and self-doubt, then dissipating them so the energy doesn't spread, and supports us in our understanding of one another.

All this amplified by its fusion with Clear Quartz, a natural energy generator, harmonizing our own selves, and our relationships. 

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