Obsidian Candle Holders


With a dark glossy surface that captures the imagination, these Obsidian Candle Holders harness the power to help us see beyond the mundane and into the depths of our very selves. Imbued with the power of catharsis, Black Obsidian is deeply grounding and resolute. 

A unique piece that instantly elevates any home, office or sacred space, each Obsidian Candle Holder captures Mother Gaia's raw crystalline beauty in a functional form. 

At Sage Crystals, we hand-select every item to ensure that our gemstones are of the highest grade and quality. Every piece that passes through our hands is charged to the brim with healing Reiki Energy. 

Each Obsidian Candle Holder is made from naturally formed crystal, and as such, each varies slightly in shape and color.

This candle measures approximately 5" x 4." 



Obsidian is a powerful stone for those who dare to see…the past, the future, or even our own inner demons and darkest truths. Its dark, glossy surface is often polished into plates and spheres for crystal scrying, making it a wonderful stone for those prepared to look deeper into their own inner being and subconscious shadow.

This stone carries the power of catharsis and deep soul healing. It impels growth and resolution while lending solid support and direction during the process. Rainbow obsidian is both a grounding and protective talisman for those embarking on their own spiritual journey.


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