Opal - Mexican Fire

Fire Opal is a stone of luck, abundance, creativity and passion. It enhances intuition and helps us make better decisions by letting us trust our instincts. Like it’s flickering colors, Fire Opal brings a zest for variety and spices up our lives.  

Fire Opals attune to the creative energy of the Universe and promote the expression of our emotions through art. Ideal stones for business endeavors, Fire Opals draw in money, facilitate change, and usher in progress. New business ventures can benefit from Fire Opal by placing one in the cash register or near the front entrance.

Fire Opal also helps us become comfortable with change, being independent, especially when we’re seeking a new direction in our lives but afraid to make the leap. 

Fire Opals protect against danger, and are especially empowering for removing ourselves from situations of injustice or mistreatment, and may be used to release deep-seated feelings of grief, even if these stem from other lives. They can even help us become more optimistic, socially outgoing and confident.

Fire Opals utilize the elemental energy of Fire to awaken our passion, from bodily desires to spiritual ecstasy. They stimulate the Base and Sacral Chakras, activate our Chi, and can give rise to the Kundalini energy. It can increase vitality and sexuality, bringing relationships more passion, and is an excellent stone for communication with fire and elemental spirits.

Physically, Fire Opals aide in blood disorders; ease lower back pain; increase libido and fertility and help ease disorders of the abdomen and liver.

Because Fire Opals are relatively soft, and contain a fair amount of water, they should be cleansed in water to keep them hydrated.

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