Shaman Stone

Shaman Stones, also called Mochi Marbles, Moqui Balls, or Maqui Marbles, are fascinating brown spheres of sandstone & iron (hematite) concretions from the Navajo Sandstone in southeast Utah. 

Moqui Marbles come in two shapes – a small, round stone, which is considered female, and a larger, acorn or disc-like stone, which is male. These pairs can be used to balance the polarities of one’s energetic system and align and attune all of the chakras to facilitate inner harmony. Place the female stone in the left hand, and the male stone in the right.

They are wonderful stones to use for inner transformational work, they offer psychic protection for inner journeys or out of body travel and help make connection with one’s guides. The Moqui Ball provides protection for the body and mind by shielding us from negativity. When placed on the third eye, it enhances our spiritual abilities.

Shaman Stone is a miniature Mother Earth, nurturing, warm and reassuring. It is very grounding, relieving you of stressful energy and negativity by absorbing it. They assist in raising our personal energy by stimulating the Chi. Moqui Marbles are associated with Root Chakra, and can give one a greater sense of belonging, either with people or the earth itself, without feeling stifled.  They are used for the protection of the home to guard against burglary, troublemakers, and natural occurrences such as lightning, fires and floods.

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