Stilbite’s name comes from the Greek word meaning “to shine,” and that’s what this crystal urges you to do. These clusters lend a crystalline support as guardian and guide; it is at once unconditionally loving and emotionally grounding. It gives realistic insight with gentle vibrations. If you’re having trouble visualizing your next step in life, or need some guidance, Stilbite helps to gain a sense of direction. It opens the heart chakra and helps you to maintain that openness even during moments of vulnerability. 

Stilbite is also one of the best stones for advancing your manifestation practice. These clusters help to quiet the mind, promoting peaceful, sound sleep when you place one on your nightstand.

Stilbite brings the same tranquility to your meditation. For those who have trouble sitting still in meditation, this crystal can help to clear the mind of the anxiety cluttering even your unconscious thoughts. Through clearing the mind in combination with meditation, this crystal helps you create your life path and achieve your dreams. Often times, especially on a spiritual journey, we can feel like we don’t know where to start or overwhelmed by too many tasks. The Stilbite helps bring clarity to your life purpose through assisting the manifestation of your dreams into realities.

The Stilbite properties bring profound realizations that instigate intuitive actions aligned with your goals. As this resonates with the higher chakras, Stilbite is ideal for people who have worked on their lower three chakras already. Once those are balanced, stilbite works to expand your energy in the heart chakra up through the crown chakra. It provides a calm and effortless expansion of the mind.

If you’re working on interpreting your dreams, keep your stilbite crystals near you while you sleep to encourage vivid dreams and to better understand of their significance in your life.

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