Tibetan Scepter Quartz Pair


Each Tibetan Scepter Quartz Pair is entrained with antique Tibetan Singing Bowls and charged to the brim with healing Reiki Energy.

Tibetan Scepter Quartz Pairs are intuitively chosen just for you. 


Tibetan Quartz

These stones act as a psychic cleanser, clearing debris from the aura and allowing more full-spectrum light to fill our physical and energetic bodies. They help to rapidly expand our consciousness in order to release emotional attachments and commune with higher planes. Tibetan Quartz is believed to aid in healing the nervous system, repairing the myelin sheath, brain and nerve ganglia.


Tibetan Quartz History and Uses:

Tibetan Quartz is found at altitudes of over 15,000 feet in the Ganesh Himal Mountain range that borders Tibet and Nepal. This remote location is only accessible on foot during the warmer months so these crystals are collected by hand and brought down from the mountain in sacks. They often contain inclusions of hematite, carbon or water. They are very high vibration stones said to resonate to the sound of OM and have been traditionally used for spiritual protection and raising human consciousness.

Scepter Quartz

Scepter Crystals are long thin crystal rods that have another crystal growing around one tip. Though they are most common as Clear Quartz, other crystals may form Scepters, such as Obsidian, Selenite, Malachite or Amethyst.

Scepter Quartz crystals focus spiritual energy from higher realms deep into the center of a problem or issue. They remind us of our true selves and our true paths, and give courage, especially to take needed action. Scepters were said to be used in healing ceremonies by priests/priestesses in Atlantis and Lemuria and were symbols of power in those realms.


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