Water Spirit Elemental Set


The perfect curation for those who feel the ruling forces of the tides in their lives, the Water Spirit Elemental Set is designed to emulate the loving, emotional pulls of the water element. Whether you're a water sign (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) or are seeking to harness the gentle, loving energy of the ocean into your life, this set helps us let go and move with the powerful currents of water.

At Sage Crystals, we hand-select every item to ensure that our gemstones are of the highest grade and quality. Each set is lovingly curated, Reiki Activated, and hand-packed into a custom gift box, making this the perfect treat for yourself or present for a loved one. 

The Water Spirit Elemental Gift Set Includes: 

  • Hand Carved Larimar Sea Animal (varies)
  • Opalized Ammonite Shell
  • Ocean Jasper Pebble
  • Amazonite Heart
  • Water Elemental Crystal Bar Soap

Read on to learn more about the transformative and healing properties of each crystal and gemstone.



Larimar is a crystal of serenity, emotional connection and healing, and Divine Feminine power. Found only in the Dominican Republic, this rare, soothing pectolite is a Water elemental stone, yet it is forged in fiery volcanic activity. Thus, it is one of the few crystals to balance the polarities of Fire and Water.

Larimar calms fears and cools tempers, relieves stress, and nurtures the physical and emotional bodies. It is an excellent crystal for mothers, healers, empaths, and caregivers, as it releases the need to sacrifice our own emotional health for the sake of others. It reminds us that we must fill our own cup first in order to be of service. It is a gentle spiritual ascension stone, reconnecting us to our hearts and to Divine Feminine.

Opalized Ammonite

As a result of their literal connection to the past, Opalized Ammonite Fossils support longevity, memory, and flashes of insight into our past lives. Traditionally used to contact spirit guides, honor ancestors, or connect to ancient sources of knowledge, Ammonites also connect us to the Moon and Divine Feminine magic. As ammonite creatures only lived in the largest and last chamber of their shell, these fossils remind us that we are ever in the present moment, and though we need to know where we've been to integrate our past, we are never beholden to it.

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper draws its soothing power from the elements of Water and Earth. It is a stone of strength, relaxation, and renewal with a slow, steady frequency and deep circular energy that embodies the interconnectedness of all things. Found only in Madagascar, this orbicular crystal reminds us to release the need to control and to go with the flow of life.

Ocean Jasper is connected to the lost city of Atlantis and holds its mystic knowledge. This stone's energies are particularly conducive to meditation and centering and helps us access the ancient wisdom within ourselves. 


Called the Stone of Truth and Courage, Amazonite empowers us to discover our personal truths, express our authentic selves, and move beyond the fear of judgment. Amazonite is a stone of radical compassion, helping overcome loneliness, soothe trauma, and alleviate worry and fear. It encourages us us to set appropriate boundaries, supports our self-esteem, and reduces tendencies to self-neglect. By magnifying our intentions and inner truths, Amazonite empowers us to manifest our dreams into reality.


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