Cleansing A Sacred Space: Our 101 Guide

How to Use Our Ritual Cleansing Items:

  • It is ideal to cleanse a space at the onset of any ritual.
  • Begin by setting an intention for the ritual.
  • Light the tip of the Bundle or Stick with an open flame.
  • Let the flame burn for 30-60 seconds.
  • Blow out the flame.
  • Begin at the front door of the home. Move in a clockwise direction through the space while wafting the smoke.
  • Be careful not to skip the corners of rooms, as this is where latent negative energy often hides.
  • When finished, extinguish the Bundle or Stick by pressing it gently into a bowl of sand or another fireproof extinguishing surface. Our Abalone Shell serves as an excellent vessel.
  • For best results, use this ritual once to twice a week, or whenever unpure energy resonates.

To be used with our Sage Bundle, Cedar Bundle, Palo Santo Stick, and our originally curated bundles, Clean + Clear Kit, Sacred Space Kit.

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