Welcome to Sage Crystals, a female-owned and operated online crystal boutique in Portland, OR. Founded by Jillian in 2018, Sage Crystals began as a few tiny Instagram Live Sales a month, and has since blossomed into a full online and brick and mortar store with two 3-hour Live Sales per week

Since our founding, our mission has been simple: deliver all-natural, ethically-sourced, Reiki-activated crystals to all who seek them. We are an inclusive and loving space, and we seek to bring our message of healing and hope into the world with each and every crystal we send.

At Sage Crystals, we hand-select every item to ensure that our gemstones are of the highest grade and quality. Every piece that passes through our hands is charged to the brim with healing Reiki Energy.

All-Natural Gems + Minerals

As an all-natural crystal sellers, we assure that none of our crystals are treated in any way beyond carving or shaping. We do not carry any heat-treated, lab-altered or dyed crystals in our boutique. We believe that Mother Gaia's creations are perfect just as they are, and we wouldn't dream of altering the healing energy of her creations. 

Ethically Sourcing Our Crystals

We make it our top priority to bring only ethically sourced crystals into our shop. Our selection process is incredibly thorough, as we research and vet each of our vendors before purchasing, then spend hours hand-selecting every crystal. Our team forms personable working relationships with all of our vendors to ensure that our crystals come from mines with safe conditions for workers and fair wages. We truly believe in the healing energy that accompanies these crystals, and we do everything we can to fill them to the brim with good energy.


As a certified healer, our founder Jillian dedicates her time and energy to our crystals to fill them to the brim with loving energy. A certified Reiki Healer, Jillian uses her skills to activate the crystals to serve their truest intentions.