Crystal Grids 101: How to Make a Crystal Grid to Supercharge Your Life

Crystal Grids are the energetic marriage of sacred geometry with our dearest crystals for the intention of making manifestour deepest dreams, goals, and desires.

Sacred Geometry is all around us. It can be found in architecture, the leaves and branches of the trees, the spiral of galaxies, and in the cells of the human body. Many believe geometry provides the container for all of life, and through the study of sacred geometry, we can gain an understanding of the universe around us, and unlock the building blocks of creation.

Crystals themselves are made of perfect crystalline structure: that is, under a microscope, crystals look repeating patterns of sacred geometrical formations. So when we make a crystal grid, we are aligning the appropriate stones and the geometric form with our intentions to manifest.


Crystal Grids 101: How to Make a Grid Supercharge Your Life


Crystal grids are an arrangement energetically aligned crystals in a sacred geometric shape charged by an intention for the purpose of manifestation.


When assembling a crystal grid, it is always best to follow your intuition. However, most Crystal Grids include a central stone, surrounding stones, amplification stones, and any objections of importance.

The Center Stone: Like living things, crystals have "auras," otherwise known as an Energy Torus. Our chakra line serves as the central axis for us. When you make a Crystal Grid, the center stone acts as the anchor for the Grid's Energy Torus, acting as the antennae, which is what broadcasts your intention into the universe. The center stone is generally the largest piece in the grid or the highest vibrational.

The Surrounding Stones: These are the crystals that will be arranged in the geometric shape around the center stone. How many you need will depend on how simple or complex you would like to make the grid, as well as the basic shape you have chosen. These act as modifiers to your grid. The surrounding stones also act as satellites, receiving and broadcasting the intention out into the world.

Crystal Grids 101: How to Make a Grid Supercharge Your Life

The Amplification Stones (Optional): These are typically Quartz Points or Tumbles placed in a corresponding outer grid or alternatively placed in geometric points between the Surrounding Stones. These are not completely necessary, but quartz serves to transmit, amplify, and power up the grid even more.

Objects of Importance (Optional): This can be an item from a special person, a photo, or any other item aligned with your intention (leaves, petals, flowers, etc.). 

Crystal Grids 101: How to Make a Grid Supercharge Your Life


Use a crystal or metal wand, a pendulum, or your bare hands to extend your energy field for the purpose of amplifying and transmitting your intention to the grid.

Before activating your grid, it is best to come up with a clear, concise statement for what you want to manifest. Repeat the statement out loud, if possible, and direct your wand or hand to the center stone. Visualize it lighting up with your intention and the influx of energy. Then go around and "connect the dots" with your wand or hand hovering over each crystal in your gird. It sometimes helps to visualize the energy torus around the grid growing larger. When you feel the time is right, conclude by expressing gratitude for the crystals' support.


I used Metatron’s Cube as a crystal grid for the first time this morning and it was incredibly invigorating! I highly recommend it!

Matthew Lewis December 16, 2021

Thank u for making it simple to understand. Can’t wait to do this for the first time!

Ashley Lawton December 16, 2021

Thanks for explaining! Can’t wait to try.

Kim October 29, 2021

Loved this! I’ve been getting into gems & crystals lately, & this helped a lot:) nice & straight to the point

Karina October 04, 2021

This is all very interesting, Sage. I am interested in learning more.

Lovely Serene September 25, 2021

I’m am so interested in learning about crystal grids and how to use them. So much to learn yet I’m so eager to read more and more.

Cindy Kennedy August 09, 2021

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