We enter the season of Gemini from May 20th through June 20th, into a thoughtful, inquisitive season that features a heightened level of communication.


Mercury is known as the planetary messenger, and the planet of technology and information, which allows Gemini to be a sign of high intelligence, with abilities that include fast learning, quick-wit, and rapid exchange of ideas.

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Represented by the Twin, known as brothers Pollux and Castor in mythology, this is the source of the Gemini's beautiful expression of duality, which can also be a cause for consternation. The Gemini often feels it is missing its other half, and is therefore always seeking new friends, community, and connection.

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The Gemini is truly two personalities in one, which can display at any moment. In addition to its thoughtfulness and intelligence, it is known to be adaptable, affectionate, curious, gentle, and outgoing, however, The Gemini can quickly become serious, indecisive, and nervous, and suddenly display an impulsive, unreliable nature.

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Sociable, communicative, and fun-loving, the Gemini often feels there is never enough time to experience all the joys of life. The Gemini is highly versatile and inspirational, and is often a wonderful artist or gifted writer.

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An air sign, the Gemini is more cerebral than emotional, and difficult to contain. As a mutable sign, the Gemini is a wonderful diplomat, able to change their medium and mode of expression effortlessly, in order to communicate effectively and with compassion.

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The Gemini reminds us of the Yin and Yang duality of life: asking and receiving, communicating and listening, exploring and resting, learning and reflecting. In this season, complete with a super full moon, a total lunar eclipse, and mercury's retrograde, it is important to work with our own natural duality, discover what we need to hold, what we need to release, and participate with the healing work this insight leads us to.

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