How To: A Simple Intention Ritual Guide

This Simple Intention Ritual is an ideal ritual to use along with our Crystal Candles and any resonate stones.



  1. Pen
  2. Paper (or picture)
  3. Crystal Candle
  4. Optional: Crystal of choice


  • Clear the space using sound, Selenite, or sacred plants.
  • Close the eyes for meditation.
  • Feel into and picture the intention.
    • How will life be different once this desire comes to fruition?
    • What does it feel like?
  • Choose:
    • Write the intention down, making sure to keep it positive and present. (Ex: "I own a beautiful home in which I feel safe" vs. "I no longer will have to rent crappy apartments").
    • If visuals are more resonate, draw or print out a photo. (Ex: Your dream home).
  • Place the paper or photo underneath the candle on a firesafe surface.
  • Optional: Intuitively arrange Quartz Points or Tumbles around the candle to can amplify the intention.
  • Repeat the intention out loud three times and light the candle. Imagine or feel the intention illuminating the wick, shining brightly, amplifying out into the world.
  • To temporarily extinguish the flame, snuff rather than blow it out.
  • Once the candle has burned fully, thank the Stones for their help, and place the now powered-up hidden Candle Stone either in the center of the simple grid, on the night stand, in a pocket, or in a sacred space until the intention comes to fruition.


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