The Secret Powers of Gold Sheen Obsidian

Gold Sheen Obsidian wants to share its protective energy with us, illuminating areas that need our attention, while trusting what is being mirrored back to us, so we can heal what remains wounded in our psyche. It is also an excellent tool for gazing, to view the future or access knowledge from the past, but more importantly, to reveal the heart of a problem or situation in the present.


Gold Sheen Obsidian reflects that which is needed in one's life for healing, giving insight into the paths of action available to bring it about. It dissolves negativity and purifies the aura, and is particularly useful for clearing blockages of the Solar Plexus Chakra, the seat of the Will. It is highly effective for exposing and releasing ego conflicts and power abuse, and dispelling any sense of futility or cynicism.

The Secret Powers of Gold Sheen ObsidianOUR GOLD SHEEN OBISIDAN DROP NECKLACE

Gold Sheen Obsidian allows one to commune with the Source of all being, and to realign one's personal power with the Divine to better direct one's life. It is useful for bringing out hidden talents and to manifest one's true calling. It is a favorite with Reiki workers and those advanced in the shamanic and healing arts. As Gold Sheen gets to the root of any problem, it can be worn or carried for all diagnostics work, from medical or psychological, to finding faults in machinery or circuits.

The Secret Powers of Gold Sheen Obsidian


It is particularly strong for Earth-healing, and can be used to locate areas of disturbance in the Earth's energy systems.

The brilliant flash of Gold Sheen Obsidian calls out to the Universe to protect us, reflecting negativity and destroying the attempts of others to weaken our divine autonomy or control our emotions.

The Secret Powers of Gold Sheen Obsidian


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