Candle Quartz, or Pineapple Quartz, brings light for the planet and those assisting the earth to change vibration. Candle Quartz brings us closer to our guardian angels. Meditating with this stone highlights our soul's purpose and focuses our life path towards service.

Candle Quartz enhances intuition, and illuminates both the planet and our persons. A stone of spiritual alchemy, Candle Quartz attracts abundance and is helpful when working in a group as it radiates love to and on behalf of the group to create group harmony.

Candle Quartz assists us to put ancient knowledge into practice and brings totems and power allies closer. It belongs in the south position of the medicine wheel, the place of the past, emotions, and heart. Restoring trust and innocence, Candle Quartz brings healing to our wounded inner child and creates an aura of unconditional love. This stone works to heal our ancestral line and karmic inheritance.

Psychologically, Candle Quartz dissipates feelings of oppression and despair to create tranquillity and confidence in an illumined mind that sees beyond the confines of everyday circumstance.

Emotionally, Candle Quartz teaches us that we are never truly alone, and connects us to the divine love of our inner being. This stone helps develop emotional independence and inter-dependence, showing when it is beneficial to rely on and share with a partner in a mutually supportive situation, and when to stand alone. It assists our partners to not feel isolated when we practice emotional autonomy and, if necessary, helps us to leave a partnership that no longer serves us with loving grace.

Physically, this stone helps us feel good about our bodies. It shows how the physical body is damaged by emotional or mental distress and heals the heart.