Eudialyte is a supportive stone, as it helps us connect with our heart's deepest desires and then enables us to take the steps to bring those desires into the physical world. In this sense, it is a wonderful stone to use with manifestation work. It is a heart-opening stone, and encourages us to follow our hearts, to lead with love, and to nurture ourselves with healing self-love. In this way, Eudialyte can also aid in healing the entire emotional body.

Eudialyte enhances our vitality and life force, and allows us to identify the gifts which are most aligned with our hearts and our purpose. It help us overcome fear, self-doubt, and confusion, and encourages us to honor ourselves and our aspirations. Eudialyte is an excellent stone for those of us who struggle with a low sense of self-worth, by helping us see our worthiness through the eyes of the Divine, which is infinite.

Eudialyte is an Earth and Water element stone. It opens, heals, and activates the Heart and Root Chakras and is associated with the logical humility of Virgo.