Gabbro expands knowledge and insight. It attracts teachers, visitors or other clear messengers into our dreams and meditations, making it an excellent stone for intuitive learning and connecting with higher consciousness.

On a more subtle level, Gabbro, also known as Merlinite, is used for unveiling the darkest aspects of ourselves. It forces us to recall past memories and patterns that we have kept hidden.

Gabbro exposes these dark aspects to illuminate how they have contributed to our deepest motivations. It helps us discover how our darkest selves intertwine with your highest selves, forming the ideal image in which we were created. Gabbro heals the darkness within, and allows us to act with a higher purpose.

Gabbro's wisdom shows us that the greatest beauty in life resides in darkness and mystery. Gabbro develops patience and helps us realize our desires do not always equal our needs and that the universe will provide us with the experiences, people, and lessons we need.