Golden Apatite, also called Yellow Apatite, is one of the purest crystals of the Yellow Ray, the vibration of mental clarity, the strength of will, and manifestation.

It brings sunny, spiritual energy to the aura to inspire hope and passion for life. It instills in us a sense of self-worth and self-confidence. Golden Apatite assists both men and women in strengthening the masculine side of their personality by developing assertiveness and the courage to take risks. Golden Apatite combats apathy and helps us be more outgoing and optimistic, and increases our drive to get things done.

Golden Apatite is a stone of learning, enlarging our capacity to take in and process new information, especially information that helps in manifesting our dreams and desires. Golden Apatite helps us overcome fatigue, lethargy, and depression, lack of concentration, and inefficient learning. It can help combat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Golden Apatite is particularly useful in starting new ventures. It supports creative ideas and helps brings them into reality. It helps us to develop the business skills needed to make a living from our passions. It provides us with the courage to take risks, and the clarity to know which risks are worth taking.