Halite is a beautiful type of salt that naturally grows in sacred geometrical formations. Salt has been used for purification and as an offering to the Gods for centuries, and Halite is no exception. It can be kept on an altar, by the bed or desk, or by the front door to clear the area of negative energy, and prevent negative influences from entering the space.

Pink Halite specifically, is a stone of clarity, peace, and self-love. Its presence can dissolve foggy thinking, confusion, deception and doubt. Pink Halite has a peaceful, calming effect on the emotional body.

Pink Halite is a wonderful healer and is a mineral of purification. Pink Halite can cleanse the aura, deflect negativity, balance the emotions and is especially helpful for those who suffer from mood swings.

Pink Halite can cleanse the atmosphere of indoor pollutants and harmful electromagnetic emissions. It can cleanse the heart of emotional wounds and can assist with taking a positive action towards self-love.

Pink Halite harmonizes the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras, making it a wonderful stone to promote self-love. Be sure to keep indoors in a dry area. Do not get wet or it will dissolve. Halite is also not recommended for body layouts when pregnant.