Ibis Jasper is the Madagascar version of Jasper named after a waterfowl crane-like bird from Egypt. The markings on the Ibis Jasper resemble the feathers of this bird. The Ibis bird is associated with the Egyptian deity Thoth, the god of wisdom, scribes, magic, and record keeping. Symbolically, it allows one to access ancient knowledge, akashic records, and allows one to communicate messages from Spirit, or to enhance intuition. 

Ibis Jasper goes through an intense process of being broken apart, and then mends itself using other materials from the Mineral Kingdom. Therefore, metaphysically, Ibis Jasper is helpful with PTSD, recovery after truma, support during stressful times, the push to integrate any energetic work, upgrades, and helpful in breaking through energetic blockages. It is actually helpful in healing any fractures within the body systems. For those that have undergone fractures from dark times in their lives and traumatic events, this stone will allow one to integrate all the missing pieces back into their lives. It is a spectacular spiritual ally in any shadow work. 

Ibis Jasper shows us that when we fracture, we are given an opportunity to really get to know ourselves, and our own nature, through the discovery process where we learn that we are not what happened to us, not embodying the pain and suffering of the events that we have endured. It is through those experiences that we learn to accept our light by passing through the shadow lands.