A crystal of initiation, Kammererite prepares to face the unknown with courage, joy, and equanimity, supporting us as we meet our spiritual expansion head-on.

Change, initiation, and education are not always easy. It is easy to get bogged down. It is easy to see the endless mountain and not the small steps taken. It is easy to lose the excitement and hope amidst backlash, pain, exhaustion, and uncomfortability, but deep down, underneath, we know it is worth it. There are moments of pain, but there is also so much joy in expansion of who we thought we were, into who we want to be.

Kammererite's message is to let the joy and excitement of possibility carry us through the moments of hardship, doubt, frustration, or fatigue. A stone of vitality and insight, Kammererite supports us when recovering, whether from illness, discouragement, or exhaustion, by reminding us what it is we are fighting for, that we chose this physical existence for a purpose, and re-instilling within us the enthusiasm for being alive.