Lazulite is a stone of all levels of the mind, activating and healing the Third Eye Chakra.

Allowing us to key into our subconscious, Lazulite assists us in awareness of the thoughts we attract, and is a vital ally in shifting them to more positive frequencies. Thoughts are not created, but tuned into, like radio frequencies. We attract thoughts that vibrate with our habitual energy. When we change our vibration, we change the thoughts we attract, and thus our reality. Lazulite assists us in becoming aware of our thought patterns and shifting then to more positive frequencies.

Unconsciously, Lazulite amplifies the energy of affirmations, and enhances the effects of subliminal audio programs, mantras, or vibrational attunement. it is an excellent stone to use for dream work, or to achieve deep meditative states, and helps us to tune in to other levels of reality, including other dimensions.

Consciously, Lazulite activates our psychic abilities, awakening latent gifts, and allowing us to expand those present. Lazulite supports greater focus and self-discipline in mental pursuits, and is perfect for students, or professionals with heavy mental work loads, preparing for examinations, or completing difficult projects.

Lazulite is a stone of inspirational insight to researchers, philosophers, psychologists, and poets who are exploring uncharted or new frontiers of thought, pulling together disparate concepts or data to form new theories. It can offer support in preserving and increasing memory, and is an aid to those of us who must memorize large numbers of facts, names, or other information.

Lazulite emanates a vibration, which is consonant with peak brain functioning, and as such it offers energies which tend to influence the brain's energy field towards hemispheric balance, and exceptional coherence. It is a helpful stone for those of us with Alzheimer's.

It is associated with the adaptable duality of Gemini, and the ambitious optimism of Sagittarius.