Mango Quartz is a powerful stone for healing and manifestation. Its calming, relaxing, soothing, and balancing nature makes it a helpful stone for self-healing and self-discipline and can be used to find relief from stress and anxiety, breaking addictive and compulsive cycles, and overcoming trauma and PTSD.

Mango Quartz is a nourishing stone that promotes longevity, and helps us to claim our wholeness as we take action to create our own reality with both courage and confidence. It aids us in forging our way on our divine life path, and encourages transformation and new beginnings.

This stone is useful in connecting the spiritual and physical worlds, and promotes expansion, expanded awareness, intuition, enlightenment, clarity, peace of mind, inner vision, inner peace, growth, insight, trust, clairvoyance truth, and wisdom. It is ideal to use in meditation as well as past life recall. Mango Quartz helps us to live in the present moment, joyfully.

A stone of good luck and good fortune, Mango Quartz can be used to promote abundance, creativity, adventure, prosperity, and generosity.

Mango Quartz is associated with all twelve signs of the Zodiac and can be used to open, activate, and heal all seven Chakras of the body.