Record Keepers are commonly identified as upright triangles on the face of a crystal. They can be nearly invisible except in reflected light, upraised, or indented into the crystal (called Trigonic Record Keepers, these key type triangles are cut into the stone, and tend to be upside down). Similarly to how the “ladders” commonly associated with Lemurian Quartz crystals are said to be stored information from the ancient civilization of Lemuria, the people of Atlantis placed these Record Keeper triangles on crystals as time capsules of a sort, with specific information for future generations (and some say, specifically, certain people) to access. They are a USB drives, so to speak. 

But just as someone from the 1800’s would have no idea how to work a computer to access information, much less even be able to conceptualize the internet, we don’t know yet how to access all the information of programmed within the crystals. Accessing the information stored in Record Keepers takes patience, practice, and a receptive mind.

What is incredible though, is that, although still uncommon, these once rare markings are being found more frequently, which I think is a mark of how we, as a collective, are raising our vibration from a 3-dimensional to a 5D world… so more and more of these pockets of information are becoming accessible to us.