To attract your perfect match, you must first learn to appreciate yourself. This is the perfect stone to keep with you when you are in the acute stages of Heart Healing, since Rhodochrosite directs love towards the self, specifically for the purposes of emotional healing. 

Simmons states, “Rhodochrosite assists in doing the necessary work of recovering, reliving and releasing the memories of one’s emotional woundings. If there were moments in infancy, childhood, or even past lives in which one experienced physical or emotional violence, severe shaming, or was otherwise thrown into a traumatizing emotional situation the result can be a fixation of a portion of one’s life-force energies at that point.” 

This stone soothes the Heart and comforts the soul. It allows us to fully blossom, by vibrating to the frequencies of inner peace and self-forgiveness. It is a foremost ally of healing the inner child.