Samadhi Quartz is an exceptionally rare variety of crystalline Pink Quartz found only in high elevations of the Himalayan Mountains of India. The blush-pink crystals of Samadhi Quartz convey unrivaled elegance and grace. Their resonance of purity and innocence evokes a sense of sparkling newness as if they were freshly born of Mother Earth.

These unique wonders are crystals of Radiant Love. They are charismatic and warm, with a palpable energy of joy that invites the heart to open freely, completely, and in full trust. Their frequency fills the aura with a blissful peace, releasing the mind to fully appreciate the present moment, to connect, to experience all that is around and beyond, and to embrace the Divine. Like the Samadhi level of meditation, these crystals offer love, enlightenment, and spiritual oneness.

Samadhi Quartz clusters in the home, in meditation areas, or any environment creates a blissful, unhurried peace. Their energy provides a calm, soothing ambiance, and can open one's receptivity to the beauty of art, music, and the written word. They are great for enlivening the imagination, and the unfolding of our interests and personal talents.

In the workplace, Samadhi Quartz softens the stress of a hectic pace to bring a sense of calm contentment to the emotional body. It is a happy stone, inspiring an awareness of all work as honorable, and imparts the message that what we are doing at the present moment is exactly where we should be at this time and place in the universe. Keep this stone on the desk or in meeting rooms to extend clarity of purpose, and to draw others together in cooperation.

Hold Samadhi Quartz or sit within a grid of Samadhi clusters to feel the comforts of unconditional love and peace. It is an excellent ally for children caught between quarreling parents or siblings, neglected or mistreated in foster care, or shuttled between homes in situations of divorce. It is also an empowering stone for adults struggling to leave domestic abuse or overcome drug or alcohol addictions, as it fights loneliness and despair.

Samadhi Quartz crystals are often parallel-grown, two crystals growing together side by side. Samadhi, from Sanskrit, literally means, a putting or joining together. They are relationship crystals and support the love and passion of new romance and the unified hearts of partners who have been together for some time. They can bring family members closer, strengthen the bonds of friendships, and aid in developing good business partnerships. These clusters draw in love, create balance, and promote good communication and understanding. Samadhi crystals cultivate strong relationships with angels, animal totems, and spirit guides.

Samadhi Quartz is the embodiment of sweet, nurturing, feminine energy. It is exceptional for helping mothers and babies to bond, and for re-connecting with older children or those who have left the nest. It is the perfect gift not only for new mothers, but for our own mothers, daughters, sisters, or friends so dear as to be related.

Samadhi Quartz is a wonderful sleep crystal for adults and children, promoting beautiful dreams, as well as preventing nightmares or night terrors. It helps children to not be afraid of the dark.

Samadhi Quartz is used for all forms of healing, such as Reiki, Shiatsu, and Indian head massage, and to empower herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine. Samadhi Quartz heals the collective and create ongoing harmony in a large room when teaching yoga, tai chi, or dance therapies to a group.

Samadhi Quartz is a gentle energizer and treats illnesses with painful, emotionally distressing or embarrassing symptoms or side-effects. It is beneficial for treating brain dysfunction, psychosomatic, or stress-related illnesses.

Like its sister stone, Rose Quartz, Pink Samadhi Quartz stimulates the proper functioning of the heart and circulatory system. It aids in relieving tension and stress, palpitations or skipped beats, and may stabilize irregular heart rhythm. It is ideal for premature babies or young children with heart weakness or disease, or anyone who needs a stronger, more stable heart.

Samadhi Quartz clusters generate integrating energy that brings the body back into harmony with itself, helping to right its own imbalances. It may be used in the treatment of vertigo, for skin regeneration and rejuvenation, and to stimulate the immune system, especially in the vulnerable or very ill. It also diminishes nightmares and insomnia, and promotes a general sense of well-being and relaxation.

Samadhi Quartz is a remarkable crystal for healing whatever injustices the heart has suffered, whether it is unfulfilled emotional needs from childhood, shame and anger from abuse, guilt over past deeds, or the emptiness and pain caused by grief, loss of romantic love, or friendships. Samadhi Quartz brings the spirit of a warm embrace, enveloping us in pure, radiant energy of unconditional love, with compassion, comfort, and the assurance that we are never alone.

It purifies and heals the heart to allow us to forgive ourselves and others, and provides an easy release of all that is holding us back. Samadhi Quartz restores our joy in living, bringing enthusiasm and optimism for the future. Used regularly, it instills a permanence to our loving nature, helps us enhance personal our talents, and supports us in developing our full potential.