Blue Sapphire enhances our insight both mentally and psychically by activating the Third Eye and Throat Chakras. It aids us in seeing beneath facades to gain true clarity and connect to truth. It facilitates the expression of this truth, along with our inner wisdom.

It is an ideal stone to work with in matters of self-discipline, such as sticking to a diet, exercise, or meditation regimen. It assists in learning along with enhancing our psychic visions and abilities.

Blue Sapphire encourages us to stand confidently in our own beliefs, gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, and align with our own truth.

Blue Sapphire can be used to heal physical ailments such as headaches, eye issues, inner-ear problems, and vertigo.

It is associated with the duality Gemini, the nurturing support of Cancer, the charisma of Leo, the logic of Virgo, the balance of Libra, the optimism of Sagittarius, and the responsibility of Capricorn.