Shattuckite is a stunning stone of the Throat, Third Eye, Crown, and Heart Chakras. It is a stone to stand in our truth. Shattuckite supports the sharing of truth with others through words and actions. It helps heal relationships, as it encourages us to take responsibility for our past actions, and it strengthens our ability to speak truth from your heart. It helps us to understand where our lives are out of alignment with the truth to offer insight and balance. The vibration of this stone within the Heart Chakra aids us to live our lives from the heart. We must first be in our truth in order to teach the truth.

Shattuckite is a strong psychic communication stone, and an excellent crystal to open the psychic channel, as it facilitates communication with high vibrational spiritual guides, teachers, and spirits of loved ones that have passed on. A stone of connection to the inner realms, Shattuckite is helpful for work in the metaphysical fields of channeling, automatic writing, astrology, tarot reading, and runes, as it is helpful in communicating what is seen, heard, or experienced, and allows total understanding of the messages and symbolism received. Shattuckite is a powerful stone for psychic protection while channeling.

On the physical plane, Shattuckite is an excellent stone for teachers, public speakers, ministers, and others who use verbal communication as a primary work skill. This mineral is excellent in stimulating cell division, repairing DNA, and healing genetically transmitted diseases, including radiation damage. It can bring courage and inner strength when we are faced with a stressful situation. It calms the mind, and brings balance and harmony into our lives.