Shattuckite is a Stone of Truth, inspiring truthfulness in not only our words but in the very way we live our lives. It can help us heal from past wounds inflicted by hurtful words, allowing us to see the intent behind them for what it is as we mend relationships and spiritually evolve.

Shattuckite helps us recognize the truth in ourselves and, more importantly, identifies where we need to be more truthful. It brings us back into alignment by inspiring us to remember who we really are, at our core, and reminding us that the first step to self-awareness is self-responsibility.

Shattuckite is strong psychic communication stone, and an excellent crystal for those wanting to open their psychic channel as it facilitates communication with high vibrational spiritual guides and teachers as well as spirits of loved ones that have passed on.

On the physical plane, Shattuckite is an excellent stone for teachers, public speakers, ministers and others who use verbal communication as a primary work skill. This mineral is excellent in stimulating cell division, repairing DNA, and healing genetically transmitted diseases including radiation damage. It can bring courage and inner strength when you’re faced with a stressful situation. It calms the mind, and brings balance and harmony into one's life space.