Spirit Quartz is a crystal of harmony and alignment. It takes all the crystal energies of the main stone and amplifies them over and over again in all the tiny points, each reflecting light back and forth to one another so all can bathe in the combined radiance of the whole.

Amethyst Spirit Quartz varies in shades of pale lilac to deep purple, and activates the Crown Chakra to bring in spiritual information, and provide multi-dimensional healing. It cleanses the aura, dispels negative attachments and entities, and repairs holes to the etheric body. It is a compassionate stone that facilitates transition to other states of being. It assists a soul facing death, provides immense support throughout a terminal illness, and can be an effective tool for spirit release, as it attracts guides for the journey. This stone offers passion, imagination, emotion, and logic. It stimulates creativity and is particularly helpful in artistic endeavors.

Citrine Spirit Quartz varies in shades of pale yellow to gold, sometimes with a rich orange or brownish cast. It activates the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras to align the personal will with the Divine Will. It allows for a more focused manifestation of our chosen goals and the goals of our Higher Selves. This stone purifies intent, and increases the sense of self-worth and empowerment to give access to true abundance, while it releases our attachment to material things. It is particularly useful in harmonizing group efforts and focusing power for a collective cause, and is a marvelous stone for conflict-resolution and in seeking, or granting, forgiveness. Gold crystals provide the simple pleasures of life such as cheerfulness and contentment, enthusiasm, and success.