Stibnite is useful in enhancing our personal power. It is a stone of transformation, death, rebirth, new perspectives, wealth, and power. This stone assists us in adjusting to profound changes on earth and facilitates profound changes within the self.

Stibnite's intense, purifying energy can be used to heal and cleanse the body, as well as attract in new opportunities, particular those pertaining to wealth.

A powerful stone to use in mediation, it is essential to employ highly focused intentions when working with Stibnite, otherwise this stone has the power to attract undesired results. Stibnite helps the body incorporate higher frequencies from the spiritual realm and move energy through the body to ground it.

It is an ideal stone to use to enhance our connection to extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional beings to allow for communication between the realms. It also works to release the fears and apprehensions associated to these types of connections.

Stibnite is connected with the element of earth. It opens, activates, and heals all seven Chakras of the body. It is affiliated with the practical persistence of Capricorn and the mystery of Scorpio.