Pink Amazonite Pocket Stone


Heal stress and traumas with our Pink Amazonite Pocketstone.

Pink Amazonite soothes energies in the workplace and at home. It has a gentle healing quality that helps fatigue, trauma and anything that draws energy away from the physical, emotional and mental bodies.



This listing is for one intuitively selected Pocketstone. Each piece is hand carved and polished from natural stone, and as such, may vary in color and appearance.

Consciously sourced from Madagascar.

Pastel Amazonite is a gentle companion to Amazonite and Graphic Amazonite, that facilitates truth, communication, love, and harmony. It works to align our Throat and Heart Chakras to facilitate loving, truthful, self-expression.

Associated with the element of water, Pastel Amazonite gently helps us tune in to our emotional bodies, release tension, and perform harmonious communication.


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