Natural Amber Gemstone Prong Earrings


Promote clarification and healing with the Natural Amber Gemstone Prong Earrings.

Amber channels the light and warmth from solar energies to offer comfort, strength, health, and well-being to its wearer.



Each pair of earrings is handmade and in a sterling silver prong setting. Each stone is naturally formed, and as such, each varies slightly in color and appearance. This listing is for one pair of earrings.

Ethically sourced from Russia.

Amber creates a sensation of health, well-being, and comfort in the wearer by channeling the warmth of the solar energies. It is an ideal stone for anyone recovering from illness or injury, as it helps us to connect to the organic world and offers a sense of grounding familiarity.

Working with the Solar Plexus Chakra, Amber's nurturing quality strengthens our personal power and inner sense of security, courage, confidence.

It is an ideal stone for those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder, as it offers the sensation of traveling to a warm, sun-filled climate.

Amber also works to manifest material prosperity, deepens our remembrance and connection to our ancestors, and offers protection.

It is associated with the balanced nature of Libra, the idealistic property of Aquarius, and the charisma of Leo.


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