Aquamarine Mini Fox


Discover your voice with the aid of our Aquamarine Mini Fox, an ancient aid for bolstering courage, aligning our innermost truth, and honoring the watery depths of our emotions.

Aquamarine is a crystal of courage and self expression that asks us to brave the stormy seas of our hearts to express our innermost truth and live fully as we were meant to be.



This listing is for one intuitively selected carving. Each piece is made from natural stone, and as such, may vary in color and appearance.

Ethically sourced from Pakistan.

    Known to cool and calm a range of ailments, ranging from hot flashes to anger, Aquamarine gently cleanses, protects, and soothes the Throat and Heart Chakras to enhance clear communication.

    Aquamarine is a stone of personal empowerment, developed from the alignment with our true selves. This blue stone facilitates understanding in the face of misunderstanding and disagreement. It can aid in clearing stagnant energy and releasing of old patterns, as well as material items that are no longer serving us.

    Aquamarine helps us to release resentments and vengeful thoughts, move through grief, and cease perpetuating negative patterns in our relationships.

    It is an ideal stone to counter infections of the throat including laryngitis and strep throat.

    It is associate with the courage of Aries, the sensitivity of Pisces, and the duality of Gemini.


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