Arfvedsonite Beaded Bracelet


Decode the meaning of the synchronicities in your life with  our Arfvedsonite Beaded Bracelet. Arfvedsonite creates the perfect healing talisman for those who seek the answers to life's many questions.



This listing is for one intuitively selected Bracelet with 4mm beads. Each piece is made from natural stone, and as such, may vary in color and appearance.

Arfvedsonite, found in black and blue, facilitates self-healing, living in the present moment, and longevity. Ideal for mastering fear, this stone can be used in meditation to open our mental enhancement, establish a peace of mind, and create new opportunities and new beginnings.

Arfvedsonite creates a sense of self-discipline, self-discovery, a sense of purpose, and offers a chance for spiritual awakening.

Associated with the Gemini Zodiac and the element of storm, this stone relieves anxiety, helps deal with trauma and PTSD, and develops communication, compassion, trust, and courage.


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