Black Obsidian Crystal Facial Roller


A beauty secret utilized throughout the ages, Crystal Facial Rollers imbue the healing powers of crystals directly to the skin, creating a youthful and healthy glow. When rolled over acupressure points of the face, neck, and chest, it increases elasticity, reduces inflammation, and spurs collagen production.

Each facial roller is approximately 6" long and features rose gold hardware. 



Obsidian is a talisman of those who dare to see…the past, the future, or one’s own inner demons and darkest truths. It is no ordinary stone, but nature’s glass formed from volcanic lava and hardened so quickly it formed no crystalline structure. It has no boundaries or limitations and works rapidly with great power. Its edge can be razor-sharp, and its dark, glossy surface polished into cold, hard glass creates a “mirror stone” for those prepared to look deep into the subconscious of one’s shadow self.


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