Carnelian Offering Bowl - Medium


At Sage Crystals, we hand-select every crystal to ensure that our gemstones are of the highest grade and quality. Every piece is charged to the brim with healing Reiki Energy.

This bowl measures approximately 4.8" long. 



Carnelian is traditionally used to enhance passion (both physical and artistic), love, and desire. A Sacral and Root Chakra crystal, it's a stone of ambition, creativity, drive, and determination. It's high energy helps restore lost vitality and motivation and stimulates creativity for new pursuits. 

This stone also protects against envy, rage, and resentment and encourages a love of life. Pink, orange, and red Carnelian are important crystals to use for love, and can alleviate jealousy and possessiveness in relationships as it helps us overcome anxiety. 


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